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Professional Finance and Mortgage Broker across Melbourne

Are you in search of a professional finance and mortgage broker in Melbourne? MC Finance Group is your best resource. Our team of expert mortgage and finance brokers is dedicated to guiding individuals and businesses to compare and explore the complex landscape of lender options and loan products. We specialise in assisting clients to make informed decisions according to their specific goals and objectives. As middlemen between borrowers and lenders, we provide comprehensive support throughout your loan application journey and settlement process. Whether you are an expert investor or just embarking on a new business venture, we will collaborate closely with you and provide tailored solutions that perfectly align with your goals and budget.

Our team of experienced mortgage and commercial finance brokers has the expertise to guide clients through the confusing process of loans and finances. We constantly make certain to collaborate closely with you and adapt to your particular requirements. This way, we can customise our services accordingly. Whether you’re an expert investor or just starting out in the world of business, we’ll provide specialised solutions that align with your goals and budget.

Clearly, finance and mortgage brokers play a significant role in simplifying the borrowing process. This is done through personalised assistance and connecting borrowers with suitable lending options. A finance and loan broker typically works in the following areas:

  • Preliminary Credit Assessment

  • Lender Comparison Precise Lender Comparison

  • Loan Product Research Extensive Loan Product Research

  • Application Assistance

  • Loan Terms Negotiations Effective Loan Terms Negotiations

  • Streamlined Process

  • Ongoing Support and annual review Continual Support and Annual Reviews

A Melbourne-based Mortgage Broker You Can Trust – MC Finance Group

A common problem we see when people look for finance and mortgage brokers is the limited availability of options. Many borrowers are restricted to a few brokers in their area, lowering their chances of finding the most suitable one for their particular circumstances. This is where MC Finance Group shines. As a trusted and award-winning finance and mortgage broker based in Melbourne, we bring a wealth of experience accumulated over years of dedicated service.

What sets MC Finance Group apart from other finance brokers is the wide range of financing solutions we offer and our expertise in both residential and commercial lending. Most importantly, our dedicated team will attentively listen to your needs, enabling us to tailor our services in an honest and sincere manner. We believe that integrity should be at the core of everything we do. This commitment drives us to provide transparency and concise information about our loan services. Our unique attributes consist of finance solutions, residential and commercial lending, attentive client engagement and an unwavering dedication to integrity and transparency.

Browse Our Services

At MC Finance Group, we offer a wide scope of professional financial services to our clients. We work closely with a broad range of lenders to ensure that they have access to the most competitive rates and terms. Whether you are looking for expert mortgage brokers’ advice on your existing loans or need assistance in securing new finance options, our experienced brokers can help. We take pride in providing our services to cater to your diverse financial needs. So, feel free to browse through the following loan assistance that we offer:

  • Home Loan:

    We understand that purchasing is time-consuming and has an intricate process.  That is the reason why our team of experienced professionals will walk you through the home loan procedure. They can help you with assessing your financial status, determine a suitable budget, and pinpointing the most appropriate home loan options available in the market. Our home loan includes the following services:

    • First Home Buyer: We specialise in helping first-time homebuyers navigate the complex process of securing a home loan, providing guidance and access to suitable financing options.
    • Next Home Buyer: Our experts assist next-home buyers in finding the right mortgage solution for their new property purchase, giving expert advice and personalised loan options
    • Refinancing: We offer refinancing solutions to help clients optimise their existing loans, potentially lowering interest rates, reducing monthly payments, or accessing equity for other purposes.
    • Doctor, Accountant, and Lawyer Home Loans: Our team specialises in home loan options designed specifically for doctors, accountants, and lawyers, taking into account their unique income structures and financial circumstances.
    • Investment Property Loan: We provide investment property loan solutions to maximise your real estate investment endeavour. Our experts are proficient at helping you secure the right financing for your investment property, ensuring that your financial strategy aligns with your goals.
  • Commercial Loan:

    We provide tailored solutions for commercial loans to help businesses secure the funding required for growth, expansion, or investment in their new projects. The financial experts on our team will assist you in preparing comprehensive business plans, financial projections, and loan proposals to present to lenders. Our commercial loan includes the following services

    • Medico Finance: We provide financing solutions tailored to the unique needs of medical professionals, helping doctors and healthcare providers. This way, they can secure loans for their practices, equipment, and other financial requirements.
    • Professional Services: Our customised financial solutions support their growth, including financing for office space, equipment, as well as growth and acquisitions.
    • Cash Flow and Working Capital Finance: We provide flexible cash flow and working capital financing options to help businesses manage their day-to-day operations. It further bridges gaps in cash flow and meets their short-term funding requirements.
    • Commercial Property Investment: With us, you get to choose from an extensive range of loan options to help finance the purchase, development endeavours, or strategic refinancing of commercial properties.
    • Development Funding: We offer development funding for property developers, providing financial support for construction projects. Designed with the construction industry’s unique needs, it serves as a tailored solution for property development and renovations.
  • Car and Equipment Finance:

    We can work to provide you with customised financing solutions. Whether it’s for personal or business use, our team can guide you through the process – from application, documentation, and negotiating favourable terms. Our car and equipment finance includes the following services:

    • Car Finance: We provide flexible car finance options, helping individuals secure loans or leases for purchasing vehicles. Our experts help you get competitive interest rates and personalised terms.
    • Equipment Finance: If you need equipment finance solutions for your business, we are here to help. This financing option enables you to acquire the necessary equipment and machinery through loans or leases, ensuring efficient operations and growth.

How Do We Work?

At MC Finance Group, we believe in making the loan process as easy as possible for our clients. That’s the reason we’ve developed a systematic workflow as follows:

  • Make a Plan: Our process begins by understanding the client’s financial goals and requirements. We assess factors such as their budget, financial strength, timeline, and specific financing needs to develop a tailored plan.

  • Cost Calculating: A team of experts carefully calculates the costs involved in the proposed financing solution. Our expert team considers factors such as interest rates, repayment terms, fees, and any other relevant expenses. This is helpful in providing a comprehensive understanding of the financial implications.

  • Business Growth: For business clients, we focus on supporting their growth objectives. We assess their business plan, financial projections, and funding needs to determine the most suitable financing options for expansion, acquisition, or investment.

  • Success Mission: We are committed to the success of our clients and thus work closely with individuals and businesses. With our extensive expertise and network, we help them achieve their financial goals and secure the necessary funding. Our mission is to facilitate financial success and provide exceptional service throughout the entire process.

Why Choose MC Finance Group?

Choosing the right finance broker is consequential for securing your financial future. When it comes to finding the best mortgage broker or commercial finance broker, we stand out as the preferred option. Our expertise lies in negotiating the most competitive rates and flexible terms. We are definitely the go-to place for all things related to loans and finances in Melbourne.

At MC Finance Group, we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service. From initial consultation all the way through to funding and settlement, we work closely with you every step of your journey. Our goal is simple: to make financing easy and stress-free so that you can focus on achieving your financial goals.

With us, your search for the “loan broker near me” will be finally over. Call us on 0430 200 322 or email us at Matthew.chik@mcfinancegroup.com.au if you want more information about how we can help you.

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Using a mortgage or finance broker gives you access to a broader selection of loan options from different lenders. It boosts your chances of obtaining a loan that meets your needs and preferences. Brokers provide tailored assistance and can negotiate better terms with lenders on your behalf, potentially saving you both resources and time and money.

Take into account a finance broker’s background, track record, and reputation when choosing which one is best. Look for brokers who are transparent about their services and fees and offer a diverse spectrum of lenders and loan alternatives. Also, they should be able to provide individualised advice that is tailored to your specific financial goals and circumstances.

MC Finance Group does not charge any fee from our client for standard home loans. We get remunerated by the lender. We do charge a non-refundable mandate fee for commercial lending and foreign income applications. The mandate fee covers the assistance we provide for the end to end loan application process, and any ongoing annual review and covenants compliance.

You would be surprised that most lenders pay a very similar commission structure, which means we get remunerated very similarly regardless of which lenders we go to. At MC Finance Group, we pride ourselves in building long-term relationships with our clients, rather than pursuing short-term gains. We are committed to grow alongside our clients and get repeat businesses via unbiased recommendations that genuinely benefit them.

Loan or finance brokers assess your eligibility for a loan by gathering and analysing relevant financial information. They typically consider factors such as your credit history, income, existing debts, living expenses, employment status, and other financial obligations.

Our Basic Work Process
Make a Plan
Set clear financial objectives for a secure future.
Cost Calculating
Track expenses, income, debt, budget, goals, and progress regularly
Business Growth
Strategies for expanding your business sustainably and profitably.
Success Mission
Define and achieve your business's long-term success mission.
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What The Customers Say About Us
Desmond Ng
Desmond Ng
Matthew has been exceptional during the whole business settlement process.
Donny Nguyen
Donny Nguyen
As first time home buyers, we can't stress how pleasant it has been to have worked alongside with MC Finance for this entire process. With years of experience and knowledge, Matthew and Sean have made this experience a positive one. Even during these times with harsher borrowing polices in place, having them guide us every little step along the way ensured that the process was simple and successful for us as buyers. We highly recommend the team at MC Finance to anyone who's looking to apply for their home loan application! Donny and Loren Feb 2023
Joyce To
Joyce To
Matt is the best broker I can find in Melbourne. Highly recommend his professional service! He provides everything you need for the mortgage.
Xiao Jin
Xiao Jin
Exceptional service; Matt went above and beyond to make sure we were looked after. He guided us through every step of the journey and communicated thoroughly and frequently on a regular basis. Highly recommended, trustworthy and will look to use his services again in the future. Thanks for everything Matt.
Priscilla Fung
Priscilla Fung
It’s been a pleasure to work with Matt and Sean from MC Finance! They assisted us with our first home loan and made the whole process stress free and seamless with their professional experience and knowledge. If you are still looking for a finance specialist, Matt is definitely the one.
Dominic Thanyasmith
Dominic Thanyasmith
Excellent customer service from Matthew and Sean from MC Finance. Professional and friendly. We would do business with you again. Thanks for the help with the refinance.
damien chong
damien chong
Matt has been helping me for many years and has always been a professional in his field. He always provide options for you to make informed choices. Definitely recommend using him! 👍🏻
John Kim
John Kim
Simple, straight forward and transparent. Matt made a possibly daunting experience so much easier where everything was explained, and not merely read out. He really had my best interests in mind.
Excellent service provided by Matthew. He helped me refinanced my home loan and he was informative, efficient and made the whole experience stress-free and easy for me.
Great service from Matthew! Quick, attentive and stress free. Would highly recommend.